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About Us

Information technology is now a vital part of every company’s global success. Everlounge Inc. provides the IT services needed to scale your company’s expanding client base and build it up to meet a constantly evolving marketplace.

Who We Are And How We Do It

Everlounge Inc. is an I.T. consultancy providing a wide array of information technology solutions. We distinguish ourselves with the services we offer enabling our clients to effectively engage in an increasingly competitive market using the latest software alongside the industry’s best practices.
We specialize in producing online platforms serving as a multi-functional tool for our clients’ business needs. And with today’s shifting demands, our online platform can augment our clients’ selected software requirements and provide the infrastructure our clients can build their brand on. Everlounge Inc. creates the space our clients need to establish themselves as a player in their chosen markets.
Our teams are comprised of professionals with decades worth of combined expertise in information technology, marketing, customer relations, and product management. Our company’s multi-faceted online platform draw from these major business aspects to deliver comprehensive business solutions. In turn, the services we offer grant our clients the flexibility to set up and engage multiple key business aspects at the same time.
Everlounge’s online platform paves the way for the requisite infrastructure with our diverse team of professionals fashioning it to our clients’ needs. With Everlounge Inc., your company’s I.T. needs are met with our expertise.

Industries We Work With

Everlounge Inc., works with different partners and clients from varied industries. Our partnerships include support and management of select processes that improve operational performance across a range of industries:
  1. Online Advertising and Marketing; Search Engine Optimization; Cloud Computing and Software
  2. Real-Time Market Intelligence
  3. Unified Threat Management (UTM) with Providers of Network Security Appliances
  4. Mobile Platform Providers for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
  5. Online Entertainment and Leisure Companies
Our continued collaboration with companies from various industries has put Everlounge Inc., in a unique position to offer integrated solutions to our clients’ business requirements.

Solutions and Services

Everlounge Inc.’s position in working with companies and individuals from different backgrounds lets us offer a unique perspective on how to differentiate our clients from the rest of the market competition. And with our expertise in information technology, we transform our client’s concerns into opportunities for growth.
Our diverse sets of I.T. professionals support our clients by combining their industry, analytics and technology expertise to reveal new insights. We use this information to solve known issues and build up on them to integrate comprehensive upgrades to our overall service.
Listed below are some of the concerns we have overcome for multiple clients:
  • Improving business productivity by revamping IT infrastructure operational efficiency
  • Contingency planning to ensure continued operations despite unforeseen circumstances
  • Mobile transition for client products
  • Operational flexibility to manage different users
  • Safeguarding company data and their customers’ information
  • Enhancing customer service engagement
As a solutions provider, we take the experiences we had in solving these issues and continuously take the steps necessary to integrate them into our products. This continued integration increases the value of our services, and consequently, produce the results our clients look for.
Showcased below are the umbrella solutions we offer our clients:

  • Cloud Solutions

    Our cloud solutions are sub-divided into four different functions. These will guide you to identifying which among the overarching functions your enterprise needs.

    • Web
    • E-Commerce Applications
    • Custom Applications
    • Microsoft Solutions
  • Mobility

    Mobile is the preferred mode of interaction for a growing number of industries. Our team of developers have extensive expertise in turning our client’s products mobile-friendly for an increased market share. Below are some of the trending mobile-related services we offer:

    • Cloud Applications
    • Financial Applications
    • Enterprise Mobility
  • Consulting

    IT consultancy is our company’s niche. Everlounge’s team of professionals have worked end-to-end on multiple cross-industry development partnerships. Our service looks deeper into our clients’ operations to seekout where it lacks and where it can be strengthened further.

    • Software Consulting
    • IT Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure Services

    We consider online software platforms as the backbone of every company’s global success. Our services include providing end-to-end solutions to support our clients’ growing business targets. Here are some of the solutions we offer

    • IT Support and Maintenance
    • Managed Services
    • System Integration
    • Application Services


Everlounge Inc. is constantly on the look out for talented individuals who are keen to expand their careers across industries and even overseas. As part of our company, new hires will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals coming from different industries working under one roof.
Get in touch with our Human Resources Division and find out where your talents fit Everlounge’s expanding reach in the market: hr@everlounge.net.

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